The Early Years (2007 – 2010)

Willet re-release 29 songs (previously unavailable digitally) to streaming services.

Willet Farewell Statement

In 2006 Willet set out with an optimistic goal to change the world through music. Although the original goal hasn’t really changed, we all agree that the methods in which we approach it has. As a band and as brothers, we’ve realized that the time has come for Willet to end.

Our only regret as a band was that we didn’t dream big enough. We accomplished everything (and more) that we ever set out to do. Honestly every day, every tour, every show, every host home, every drive through the night has prepared us for what we are doing right now with our lives. We have the best memories of touring in a van together as brothers, and we still consider each other best friends.

It’s a weird feeling to put an end to something that will always be a part of you. We think there will always be moments when the 3 of us get in a room and play music together again or reminisce about our time traveling the world trying to figure it all out; but for now we feel we owe it to ourselves and to our friends, family and fans to celebrate the past 13 years and have closure to this chapter.

Most people will probably ask “So what happened? After over 10 years of traveling the country together, why throw in the towel now? Did you guys stop getting along?”  The answer can mainly be summarized as “we outgrew our own band.” Individually all 3 of us excelled at the roles that we played in the band as well as in our personal businesses, and others started to take notice. Before too long we were all given individual opportunities that were much bigger than anything we had done collectively, while still accomplishing the same goals we had as a band. Jeremy started being asked to travel on major tours to share about child sponsorship and lead worship. Justin started being asked to travel on tours and international trips to document and support work being done by non-profit organizations. And Jordan started being asked to come on board as music director at a church in California as well as film and edit music videos for Christian artists. Over time it became clear that we needed to allow each other space to explore some of these other opportunities.

As we reflect on the thousands of shows we played, the hundreds of thousands of miles we drove, the countries we visited and the people we impacted, we have nothing but gratitude for the time we got to spend as a band. At some point, most kids who play music have this distant thought of “maybe one day I’ll do this for a living.” Somehow the 3 of us from rural Carroll County, Maryland managed to make that a reality.

This band was a dream come true for us and we don’t think we could ever thank our families enough for believing in and supporting us on this wild adventure, even when it didn’t always make sense. Jordan and his wife are expecting their first child in September, Justin and his wife just celebrated the birth of their 2nd child this past February, and Jeremy and his wife’s adopted son and daughter from Africa are 5 and 6 years old already!

We never received an award for our music, or saw one of our songs hit radio charts, but at the end of the day, this band was never about us anyway. We always viewed ourselves as bridge-builders, and bridges are made to connect other people. We attempted to do this by funding, packaging and shipping 1 Million meals to hungry children around the world while also seeing over 3,000 children sponsored at our tours. We hope you continue to follow along with us individually as well as in our future efforts together with GLBAL, a company we started to help bring our world together through film, photography, story-telling, and travel-inspired merchandise.

Please join us on July 13th for our farewell show as we gather together one last time to celebrate over 13 years of music and ministry.

With gratitude,

Jeremy, Justin and Jordan Willet

Farewell Concert

Carroll Community College Scott Center Theatre

1601 Washington Rd Westminster, Md 21157

Doors 6pm • Show 7pm

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